Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dedicated to Pyro

Earlier this week, we said good-bye to our dearest Pyro.
Pyro entered my life in the summer of 2000. Josh was away fighting a forest fire in Idaho and I was missing him horribly. I had ran to the store for something, and saw some kids giving away kittens. I thought about calling and asking my mom if it was okay to get one, but instead I decided to use the philosophy "beg forgiveness later". I can't remember how many kittens there were, but I picked her for her unique coloring. I named her Pyro since she was to be my companion while Josh was gone.
When Josh and I got married in 2001, she was the first member of our family. She brought so much joy to our lives.
Our first house had a curtain in the front door. She immediately figured out how to get in it. Which she did daily, until she broke the bottom rod that held it in place.
She was a house cat, but once escaped to the outdoors. Even my dad drove around looking for her. She didn't show up until the next morning. Josh happened to look outside and see her. When he ran out to get her, she dropped and rolled, as if she were saying "see how beautiful I am."
She could find every odd spot for a good nap. In one of our apartments, we didn't have a real closet, just a cupboard. It was a leap to the top, but she could do it. One time, when she jumped off, she landed right in Josh's.....lap.
The same apartment had horrid heating. It has base floor heaters that didn't heat much after the first foot. It didn't help that she would lay in front of them and soak up all the warmth.

She may have been my kitten first, but once we were married, she was Josh's cat. She loved his ear rubs. Almost nightly, he would awaken because she was licking his hand. And she wouldn't stop until she got a good ear rub. 

She LOVED elk meat. Each, and every time, Josh cooked an elk steak, she was right there to sample it. 
 She loved car rides. Unless, you put her in the carrier. Then she would get car sick and make a mess. But as long as you let her sit in the back window, she was fine.
She is the reason our cats will ONLY drink from the tub. Our first house had a faucet that dripped all the time. So that is where she would drink. Each time we would move, we would try putting a water bowl by the food dish, but then we would find her in the tub, looking for a drink.
She always tolerated all our other cats, but she sincerely loved Missy. They were best friends. We know they are taking a peaceful nap right now waiting for us.
We love you and will miss you. 


KT said...

What a beautiful cat; I am sorry for your loss.

RMCarter said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Jessica said...

She knew she was loved and she loved being your kitty. We'll miss her!

Christine Dallimore said...

Savannah....I am so sad you had to say goodbye to Pyro. I loved reading your tribute to her (and catching up on your blog)! I giggled at how she would lay in front of the heaters to soak up all of the warmth! I would totally do the same thing!! So happy though that Pyro was a chapter in your life. What a very sweet furry friend to have!