Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pictures of my nephews

Bad news - my computer crashed. So until I get a new one I have to beg, steal and borrow time on someone else's computer. Hopefully I can keep my Finding Faith Friday and the 30 days of Halloween recipes going on my other blogs.

Even without a computer this weekend, I had fun. Melanie brought the boys over and we took some pictures. They look so cute in their Halloween outfits! It was loads of fun trying to think of ways to get Preston to look at the camera. But I really like how some of them turned out. I can't wait to do it again.

When I get the new computer I plan to have a picture editing program so I can hopefully make them look even better. But I didn't think everyone else should have to wait so I put together a slide show so the grandma's can see the pictures. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth and Brian said...

so cute!

Our laptop died this year so we are left with the 9 year old dinosaur computer so I am looking for one too.

I use Picassa for all my photo editing and really like it.