Friday, October 16, 2015

Pets & Vets

In October, it felt like I was at the vet every week for several weeks in a row. Zipper got an eye infection one week, and we took Blue to get his shots. The next week I took Blue in to have him fixed. The next week, I had to take Zipper & Gaby in for a sinus infection. A week later, we had to go back for Sage.

Gaby and Zipper both hate the vet. With Zipper, he gets mean to the vet when we are there. We literally have to take the carrier apart around him so the vet can look at him. Then reassemble it around him. But with Gaby, the trick is even getting her into the carrier so she can go to the vet.

 With the addition of Blue, I needed to buy a new carrier, but I hadn't yet. I stopped at the vet one day, but all they had was a cardboard box. 

The first week, I had wanted to take Gaby also. My plan was simple. Put Gaby in the box and then put Blue and Zipper in the carrier together. 

Gaby clawed and chewer her way out of the box in less than 5 minutes. So she didn't go with us the first week.

Just as we thought our pet woes were over, we found a sore on Sage's leg. It actually wasn't very bad, but she was licking it CONSTANTLY, which was making it bigger. So she had to wear the cone of shame for a few days so it could heal.

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