Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Colt's Birthday Cake

I was excited when Natalie said she wanted a smash cake for Colt's Birthday. That is something my family always did, so its one of the traditions I have missed most as a childless couple. I know I say this with each cake I make, but I think this one is my favorite. 

We looked at several ideas online. I was going to make a regular round cake, but then I found these cute little pans. The kit included 5 small pans that were six inches wide. It takes a full cake box to make the cake, but you get more layers. I loved how tall and small it was at the same time.
I also ordered some black fondant, a black sugar sheet, Mickey Mouse cupcake liners, Mickey Mouse sprinkles and a Mickey Mouse sandwich cutter, to use with the fondant since I'm not the best at free hand.

Since my cake was 5 layers, I decided to do alternating layers of black & red.

I also made cupcakes for the guests.

The sandwich cutter was perfect for the fondant. I put one Mickey silhouette on top and then three more silhouettes around the side.
I used the sugar sheet to cut out small Mickey silhouettes to use on the cupcakes. They are edible, but I didn't think they tasted that great. But they were perfect to decorate with!

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