Saturday, January 11, 2014

Savannah's 31st Birthday

This year, my birthday fell on a Friday. So I decided to treat myself to a day off from work.

Josh and I like to start the day off with one present, and then save the rest for that night. While I was getting ready that morning, my mom called and offered to take me to lunch. Josh decided which present to give me first since I was going out that day.

A new wallet. I love it.

Each year, he always find the best birthday cards. This year was no exception. 

That afternoon, my mom took me to lunch at Cafe Rio in Vernal. She bought me a tote for scrapbooking supplies and a cute shelf for our new home. 

When I came back from lunch, I found these pretty flowers Josh had bought for me. 

As the day wore on, it just kept getting better and better. That evening, Melanie and the boys came to see me. They brought me balloons and a cute bottle with a flower in it. I LOVED seeing my favorite boys on my birthday and made sure to get a kiss from each of them. 

They even signed their names to the card. 

Gaby also loved the balloons; they came with string. 

  Jessica also came by with a gift. She bought me this cute Pocket Tote from Thirty-One. She had to show me how it works, but I love it!

Dinner was one of my favorites, Chicken Parmesan Wraps and Cranberry Cake

After dinner, I opened the rest of my presents.

I feel pretty loved and spoiled. I bought the Wii game for myself (and a fishing one for Josh). 
Josh got me:
new licenses plate covers
a wallet
raspberry sticks
i-tunes card
a book
and a hand held vacuum

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Jessica said...

Glad your birthday was a nice one! Looks like you are definitely loved. :)